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Three illustrations in blue, pink and yellow. The blue image on the top left labelled 'view' depicts a hospital and an ambulance parked outside. The bottom left pink image depicts a spirometer with the word 'spirometer'. The yellow area on the right labelled 'nocturne' depicts an owl looking to the left. All images have captions which describes the authors experience with pneumonia.

D.B. Dowd. From Pneumonia Lessons.
Illustration of 8 purple figures dressed similarly in some kind of uniform with lime green shirts, blue ties and ankle-long skirts. They have varying hairstyles and color. Figure on the top left is dressed in the same long skirt but with a light blue top and a sweater.

Shreyas R Krishnan. Code Breakers at Beltchley Park.
An illustration of the inside of a storm with clouds, fires and twigs. In the distance we can see a farmhouse and its animals unscathed. Text in white over the whole illustration spells 'SHELTER'

John Hendrix. “Shelter from the Storm,” 2020. For Future Farmers of America Magazine.

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