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Minor in Studio Art

The Minor in Studio Art allows students to take courses from across the studio art curriculum, or conversely, to cluster their chosen courses in a single disciplinary area.

This 15-unit minor is open to all WashU students, including College of Art students majoring in communication design or fashion design.

Each semester, go to the online course listings in WebSTAC. Select “Search” (link at top left, 2nd line) to look for classes that count toward the Minor in Studio Art.

Follow these steps:

  • Make sure the “Semester” field is set to the semester for which you are registering.
  • Set the “School” field to Art.
  • Leave the “Department” field set to “Any Department.”
  • For Minor in Art courses, click in the “Attributes” box and scroll through the list to “(Art) FAAM-FA Art Minor.”
  • Click on “Search”

Everything in the resulting list counts for the Minor in Studio Art.