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Jonathan Stitelman

Jonathan Stitelman currently teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs of architecture and urban design in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. His research interests involve transportation planning, forced migration and refugee resettlement, urbanism as understood through the lens of cultural anthropology, and visual culture. He holds Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design degrees from Washington University in St. Louis, where he was a Danforth Scholar, and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Psychology from the University of Vermont.

Work by Jonathan Stitelman

Group of people in a graveled courtyard lined up along a concrete wall.

Feast of Facades, 2016

Public program of the show Ellipsis at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation. May 21, 2016.
Handdrawn perspective of a building exterior with a 2 level courtyard. Figures of people are drawn in a long line against the wall of the building, up and down the sets of steps in the courtyard.

Proposal for Feast of Facades, 2016

Image included in the Feast of Facades Field Guide.
Section drawing of a gabled building with an opening at the peak of the roof covered by an overhang extending on one side. An arrow show airflow out this hole.

Drying Casa, 2018

Performance diagram for a new coffee drying house typology.
Two photos of a wooden framed building covered in sheet plastic. A photo of the ceiling is labeled "Operable transom at peak" and a photo of the entrance is labeled "Operable low-wall."

Drying Casa, 2018

Operable enclosure of the Drying Casa. Photo: Andrew Timko.
Exterior photo of a greenhouse-like building with a wooden beam structure encased in sheet plastic. There is an opening at the peak of the roof protected by an overhang.

Drying Casa, 2018

Drying Casa constructed in Zunilito, Guatemala (2018).
Interior of a coffee shop with exposed wooden beams, garage doors along one wall, pine wood tables and bench seating, and a baby blue accent wall.

Blueprint Coffee on Watson, 2018

St. Louis, MO.
Axon drawing of bench and table seating arrangements on a pale blue background.

Blueprint Coffee on Watson, 2018

Banquette massing.
Axon drawing of a coffee bar and display cases on a pale blue background.

Blueprint Coffee on Watson, 2018

Workstation massing.
Dark room with two projections of architectural renderings on one wall.

Infinite Studio Exhibit, 2016

Washington University in St. Louis
Axon diagram of four display boxes installed in a Metrolink car to display artworks by local artists.

79 on One Line

In collaboration with Derek Hoeferlin, Jenny Murphy, Andy Heaslet, Chris Galli.
Model of a bird wing with feathers constructed from a semi-translucent white material with wooden ribs.

Bird Wing (model), 2019

Exhibited in Decoys and Depictions­.