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Amy Auman

Amy Auman is a multimedia designer and educator who is passionate about sound. Her industry experience ranges from book design, writing, and editing to information design, digital design, and video editing. She is a lecturer in the Sam Fox School. Previously, Auman taught interaction design at Northeastern University in Boston.

Her diverse design background has led her toward experiential and time-based territories. She finds inspiration in using various tools and technologies to transform the mundane to the uncanny. Through immersive installations, compositions, and audio and video, her work explores the multi-sensory, the ambiguous terrain between digital and physical spaces, and the potential for design to amplify environmental awareness.

Auman earned her MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and her BFA in Visual Communications from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis.

Personal website

Work by Amy Auman

A poster: the text "pause", in white, refracted and reflected by three prisms, whose shadows and light are captured in diagonal lines that radiate light across the poster. In parallelogram-bound shapes are sections of an interview, the text printed in white, all following the rays of light projected onto the background by the three prisms. The light is dim and bright in different areas, creating a textured, ambient atmosphere.

Pause, 2018

photo collage and digital print. 36x52cm.
In a dimly lit environment, the words "this way" rendered in a fluorescent/shining light, placed against a pane of transparent material. The words are positioned on the trunk of a tree; in the background are branches and leaves, blurred out of focus.

Listen This Way, 2018

installation with LED lights, six battery-operated speakers and UV-printed type on acrylic.
Screenshots of a website tiled 2x2: (upper left) is the landing page, which is titled "ANIMAL MECHANICAL" with the text "An Archive of Biophonic and Anthropomorphic Pairings" below. Underneath this text is what appears to be leaves/petals (in green) that transforms into a bicycle wheel (purple). Six images of such animal/mechanical pairings (upper right), with the animal part in green and the mechanical portion in purple. (Lower two screenshots) each image also turns into a more abstract composition, (lower left) some green with Latin text in white, others (lower right) purple with supplementary text in white.

Animal Mechanical, 2017

website with audio.
Several landscapes cropped in square frames, tiled together to form an irregular shape/pattern: dominant colors in the images are orange and blue.

Proclamation 9558, 2018

video. 1920x1080p, 1 min 6 sec.
Two open spreads photographed of a spiral bound book with faint gray/cream paper. In the upper spread, black indented paragraphs are accented by neon coral/pink text and the right hand page is black, with the word "Boost" printed down the middle. In the lower spread, both pages are sectioned in half lengthways, so that the left hand page displays (above) a colorful red-orange/yellow texture strewn with purple bits (a UV glass slide) and (below) an image of a microscope viewing the above slide. The page to the right is similarly divided in two, the upper half with a bright pink background and monochromatic/grayscale photograph to the upper right and two columns of text below. In the lower half is more text, in black, under the heading "Eclipse: Abandon" which is in pink.

Record: From Signal to Atmosphere, and the Spaces Between Silence and Noise, 2019

split-page, spiral-bound book (spreads), digitally printed with debossed cover. 9x12", 188pp.