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Megan Kenyon

Megan Kenyon is an artist and student living and working in St. Louis. Her primary medium is oil paint, but she loves to experiment with all kinds of media, finding the best possible way to communicate through her art. Her work focuses on making space, helping to foster empathy and connection between disparate groups and/or ideas, looking to create common language through images. Megan’s work often draws from religious or cultural imagery to create pieces that are accessible yet complex, allowing the viewer the chance to set aside presuppositions and prejudices to experience something new. Her work has been shown with Webster Arts and The Kranzberg Gallery, and most recently was featured in the summer issue of Fuller Seminary Magazine.

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April 8 – July 24, 2023 • Kemper Art Museum

October 22 – November 4, 2022 • Des Lee Gallery, 1627 Washington Ave.

April 30 – May 15, 2022 • 6640 Delmar Blvd. (Old Craft Alliance Space on the Delmar Loop)