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Walker Ceramics Shop

Person instructs several people on 3D printing using a large monitor. Three 3D-printed ceramic objects sit on the table next to them. The back wall has shelves lined with clay and other ceramics tools.
The Walker Ceramics Shop houses plaster and mold-making, foundry, and ceramics facilities, including several ironworkers and kilns. Is is best equipped for wheel throwing, hand building, and slip casting and press molding. An adjoining space features a plaster room, supporting mold making and plaster casting.

Pottery wheel
Slab roller
Glaze spray booth
Glaze room
Materials lab
Tile saw
Wet belt sander
Pug mill
Clay mixer
Kilns: 3 reduction, 4 electric, 1 electric test
Vented plaster workspace (Plaster Room)
Plaster band saw (Plaster Room)


Training is required before the use of these spaces. Classes scheduled in these spaces are automatically enrolled in training. For information about individualized training, contact Dryden Wells at