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Strategic Plan Process and Key Contributors

The Sam Fox School initiated an inclusive strategic planning process in 2020, incorporating faculty, students, staff, National Council, alumni, and campus partners. A comprehensive idea-gathering phase yielded a broad range of proposals that were evaluated and prioritized by the strategic planning committee.

Ten smaller committees were commissioned in late 2020 to draft white papers providing deeper context and more specific initiatives around areas of top priority. As the pillars of the Sam Fox School’s strategic plan emerged into sharper focus, we benefited from a simultaneous university-wide planning process. Key overlaps provide enormous potential for distinction and achievement.

Shaping the Future is a roadmap, with clearly identified guideposts, but room for evolution and flexibility as we encounter the realities of the next decade. Working closely with academic, staff, and volunteer leaders in the school, our attention is now on launching and implementing our plan, ensuring that we track progress as we work toward and reach our goals.

Sam Fox School Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Mike Konzen
Committee Chair and Member, Sam Fox School National Council
Vicki Match Suna
Chair, Sam Fox School National Council
Carmon Colangelo
Ralph J. Nagel Dean
Amy Hauft
Director, College and Graduate School of Art
Heather Woofter
Director, College of Architecture & Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design
Sabine Eckmann
Director, Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
Nicole Allen
Associate Dean, Planning Lead
Jack Risley
Professor of Art, Planning Lead
Will Bates
Alumni Representative
James Cohan
National Council Representative
Corinna Cotsen
National Council Representative
Adrienne Davis
University Representative
Jared Della Valle
Alumni Representative
D.B. Dowd
Faculty Representative
Damaris Dunham
Student Representative
Emily Greenspan
National Council and Kemper Art Museum Art Collection Committee Representative
Pam Henson
University Representative
Derek Hoeferlin
Faculty Representative
Odette Joos James
Student Representative
Liz Kramer
Staff Representative
Penina Acayo Laker
Faculty Representative
Meredith Malone
Kemper Representative
Eric Mumford
Faculty Representative
Lavar Munroe
Alumni Representative
Jane Neidhardt
Kemper Representative
Tim Portlock
Faculty Representative
Tirzah Reed
Student Representative
Kia Saint Louis
Student Representative
Audrey Treece
Staff Representative
Constance Vale
Faculty Representative
Enrique Von Rohr
Staff Representative
Hank Webber
University Representative
Engaging St. Louis

Chairs: Penina Acayo Laker and Liz Kramer

Marla Guggenheimer, Heidi Kolk, Meredith Lehman, Arny Nadler, Rodrigo Reis, Mónica Rivera, Linda Samuels, Stefani Weeden-Smith

Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Chairs: Tim Portlock and Constance Vale

Eric Ellingsen, Petra Kempf, Sung Ho Kim, Patricia Olynyk, Jack Risley

Design for Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency

Chairs: Patty Heyda and Derek Hoeferlin

Chandler Ahrens, David Fike, John Hoal, Melissa Meinzer, Hongxi Yin

Interaction Design

Chairs: Jonathan Hanahan and Aggie Toppins

Will Bates, Mike Buzzard, Lucas Drummond, Caitlin Kellher, Molly Needleman, Alvitta Ottley, Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Enrique Von Rohr

One School

Chairs: Igor Marjanoviç and Jack Risley

Matthew Branham, John Hendrix, Kelley Van Dyck Murphy, Mark Ryan, Audrey Treece, Cheryl Wassenaar

History, Theory, Culture

Chairs: Sabine Eckmann and Eric Mumford

Shantel Blakely, D.B. Dowd, Meredith Malone, Robert McCarter, Monika Weiss

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Chair: Bruce Lindsey

Nicole Allen, Petra Kempf, Liz Kramer, Shreyas R Krishnan, Meredith Lehman, Arny Nadler, Tim Portlock, Mónica Rivera, Dryden Wells

Entrepreneurship and Practice

Chair: Nicole Allen

Wyly Brown, Jared Della Valle, Carrie Johnson, Mike Konzen, Jen Logan Meyer, II Luscri, Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Karin Soukup, Enrique Von Rohr, Hank Webber, Hongxi Yin

New Models of Academic Delivery

Chairs: Nicole Allen and Jack Risley

Rob Morgan, Audrey Treece, Ian Trivers, Constance Vale, Enrique Von Rohr