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CityStudioSTL Faculty Course Grants

CityStudioSTL offers funding for its Faculty Course Grants. All faculty are encouraged to apply. These community-engaged teaching grants provide funding for curricular initiatives that involve collaboration with the St. Louis community. Faculty should propose collaborations involving organizations, agencies, or individuals outside of Washington University. These collaborations should be mutually beneficial; the community partner’s needs should guide your project’s development. Proposals may be for undergraduate or graduate courses. Proposals with long-term collaborative plans within existing courses will be prioritized.

Interested faculty may apply for grants to:

  • Support an existing community-engaged teaching course

  • Add a component of community engagement to a course that does not currently have one

  • Support to develop a new community-engaged course

  • Develop research and scholarship for an applied community-engaged course

  • Develop Community Engaged Scholarship

Faculty may apply for grants for courses in Spring and Fall 2024.

Course grants are available for up to $2,500 per year. Up to $6,000 in grants may be offered each semester.


Applications and supporting materials must be submitted to the Office for Socially Engaged Practice ( by October 13th, 2023.

Eligibility & Application

Qualifying courses must fulfill the following requirements:
- The collaborative research and activities proposed must address and/or be based in the St. Louis metropolitan region.
- If funds are applied towards a course, students must be directly involved in socially engaged and collaborative work with a St. Louis community partner.
- If funds are applied towards a course, it must be taught by at least one Sam Fox School faculty member and be listed in the Sam Fox School (cross-listed and interdisciplinary courses are acceptable).
- Established (or intends to establish) a partnership with an organization, agency, or individual.

Recent Faculty Course Grants