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Digital Technologies for Undergraduate Architecture Students

Technology plays a critical role in the educational experience of our students; therefore, the Sam Fox School is committed to the integration of relevant technology into our curriculum. As part of our College of Architecture curriculum, our faculty provide required instruction in digital design technologies beginning in the first year, guided by established industry standards and best practices.

We strongly recommend that College of Architecture first-year students acquire a computer and software that meet or exceed the specifications noted in the guide below. Instruction for introductory courses on digital tools is designed to meet the precise specifications of the hardware and software listed. This laptop and software will serve as a basic, but versatile, toolkit and will support at least the first two years of your education in architecture. Due to advances in technology and subsequent upgrades in software, you may need to acquire a new, more powerful computer in your junior or senior year in order to complete your area of study.

All first-year students are required to purchase Adobe CC through the University. The University has secured a highly reduced annual cost of $50 per license (regular retail cost is $240 per year). This cost will be billed to your WashU student account and a license will be issued to you at the beginning of August to your email. You will continue to be billed each year while you are a student for this license.

Assistance & Advice

We understand that some students may need financial assistance with these purchases. If this is a concern, please contact a counselor in Student Financial Services (SFS) as soon as you are able. Counselors can be reached at 314.935.5900, 888.547.6670, or Washington University and the Sam Fox School want to help all students have the tools that they need to take full advantage of their college education in architecture, and to be prepared to be the best in their field.

If you have questions about digital technologies for students in the College of Architecture, please contact Richard Viehmann, Computer Systems Manager, at; he can assist you or direct your question to the right staff member.